My Goal For 2016: Total Self Care

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2015 has left a psychological bomb site in its wake. Consistently facing challenges head-on for a year sizzles the brain. I feel like the girl from Inside Out whose island’s of personality collapsed into a cognitive cesspit under the strain of a major upheaval in her life. Change can happen with our without struggle. For me it tends to be the latter. Too often last year I felt like there was a war going on inside. And as a bit of a hot head and an incessant thinker the battle was mostly between fear and anger, which was…let’s say feisty.



Now that the war’s over I’m here: on the precipice of creating a new me.

I’m totes excitemondo.

self care


Having spent enough time willfully catapulting myself far beyond the boundaries of my comfort zone I’m ready for some, well… comfort. I’m grateful for 2015 because I gained a lot: courage, perseverance and perspective. I also gained weight, which is a bit shit. I’m also not so chuffed that the lines and furrows around my eyes and on my forehead, which were just beginning to show a year ago, have deepened. Nit Cud.

I have a big and bold plan to change all that. It’s this:

Self Care

It’s that simple. By resolving to look after myself better I know other areas of my life will naturally improve. If I commit to continuously making choices that put my care first only good things can happen. I’ll be a better mother, friend, sister, partner, colleague, etc. And since I want to be better at all those things this is great news for the people in my life.

I bought Danielle La Porte’s Desire Map Planner as a gift to myself this Christmas, which is my show of commitment to care more about how I want to feel this year. Danielle is a big proponent of chasing the feeling we want instead of the thing we want. I totally get it. I’ve been chasing things long enough to know that the things I was chasing weren’t really what I was after – it was really about the feeling associated with having them. Identifying what Danielle calls our ‘core desired feelings’ expedites the goal setting process. It also feels great.

For 2016 my self care method is nothing more complex than one day at a time. Writing this post is #day1. Tomorrow, healthy shop day, is #day 2. You catch my drift. No mountains out of molehills. No elaborate planning. I know, like most humans, how to take care of myself. I also know how I want to feel. So do you.

Stay tuned for #day2. There’ll be cookies.



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  • Elaine

    January 4, 2016 at 3:19 am

    IT’S SO YOU.


  • admin

    January 5, 2016 at 9:10 pm

    Thanks Elaine!!


  • anita shanahan

    January 4, 2016 at 6:59 pm

    I live it auds.. totally relate. Did the same yesterday a deal utter before I went back to work. First day back at work not so bad…


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