Day 1 and I’m Feeling…Like The Cleaning Lady

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I woke this morning at 10am. Gav, my baby daddy, was up before me. He left to go golfing just as I cracked my eyes open. I then ate museli, put Thomas The Tank engine on for Kian and systematically charged through the house de-christmasing. Once I start a task I’m n’able to leave it so for four frantic hours  I rearranged and decluttered the entire house. I get the rage when I clean due to intense feelings of injustice. Why me? Why do I have to clean everything? etc. I tend to look like the picture of me above.

I don’t know why but I also tend to clean in my bare feet. Must be the cave woman in me. And, not to come over all smug, but it’s worth mentioning that I designed and built a veritable Disney Land in the converted attic while I was at it. Mmm hmm. It was a ruse to entice Kian to relocate his toy shop from my sitting room to the third floor, where those tiny asshole cars and trains can’t hurt my feet anymore. I also built goal posts and got a quick game in, which won Kian over big style.  He was happy to pander to me after all those noble efforts. My living space is my own again for the first time in 3 and a half years. We’ll see how that one goes…

Does this sound like total self care? Nope. But it is. Leaving all that work undone and coming home from work tomorrow to that mammoth job would have felt a lot like torture so, in a roundabout way, it was an act of perfect self love. Not as appealing as spending hours in restorative yoga poses or hiking through nature, but just as effective for feeling like I’ve achieved a mental clear out.

Then it was Lidl bound to do my healthy shop. I’m well impressed with my stash of herbal teas and veggies and wholegrains and handy healthy snacks. I’ve begun to banish the cocaine (sugar) and am feeling jittery. I’ve been getting feedback from Gav that I’m emitting toxic emotional vibes too, which is good. This means the detoxification process has begun.

I’m sure I’ll look thinner by tomorrow evening. Watch this space.

Disclaimer: I mentioned in yesterday’s post that there would be cookies today. I did intend to bake an awesome batch of skinny cookies. I don’t feel the need to explain why that didn’t happen after the run down I’ve just given of my day. So sue me, bitches.

Chat cha tomorrow.




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  • Jen Donovan

    January 4, 2016 at 12:40 pm

    My day exactly. Lol. Minus Thomas land. We will just visit yours x


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